Thursday, February 12, 2009

Morning School

The children laugh and shout. In the other room they bound off the couch, rolling bundles of ankles and elbows. After morning school and carefully tracing the letter "U" all their stillness unzips into mirth. They are throwing their papers into the air. When I stop to listen, I realize that for a while now, Janie has been calling out, "The glory of God is coming! The glory of God is coming!" She whips her paper of wobbly "U's" up over her head, "Come everyone! The glory of God is coming!"

"Glory, glory, coming!" Jack can almost keep up.

When I told them "up" began with "U" I didn't realize it would end in parade.


deac-in-training said...

Sounds like the glory of God is already there!

Goat said...

The glory of God is COMING! The glory of God is coming! I wanna come jump on your couch too!

Rose Emily said...

Hey Bethany..just wanted to say thanks so much for inviting me to come over tonight!!! I hope we can actually get together soon...Sometime next week maybe?

Your blog is always so refreshing to read! I enjoy it greatly..


Rose Emily

Pig Woman said...

Bethany, I love reading your blog. There is always something in it that leaves me feeling better.