Monday, August 17, 2009

Got Your Back

It was a scritchy-scratchy, thistle of a morning.

"Momma, you just said that you don't like Daddy's sense of humor." Her eyebrows are arched. I can hear it without even turning around. "Is that really what you want to say." The frame freezes. I see a smile tease at the corner of Daddy's mouth. "How would you like it if someone said that to you?"

I sigh.

The apology was spectacular. Daddy said he thought we'd entered a parallel universe. Don't ya wish you could grab on to that apology so fast every time!?


Adina said...

You have a way of making words cut straight to the heart of the matter. Thanks for the lesson in forgiveness.

Rose Emily said...

i love you Bethany.

Lynn said...

Parallel universe??? Bethany, has Craig been watching re-runs of Star Trek again?


Goat said...

Not every child could say those words without guile. She approaches these things in the exact manner that you confront her--your choice kiddo.

You must be doing something right!

Pig Woman said...

That EP is a rascally one. You tell him from me not to mess with you on a thistle morning anymore. Snort snort.

Olson Family said...

Lovely. That precious girl. So much like her mother.

And, yes, today I'm going to work on the speed of my apologies. Oh Lord! More grace!!

Thank you, Bethany!