Thursday, October 8, 2009

High Tide

"Is this how Moses stretched his staff against the sea?" Jane, poised on the dining room bench, pokes the air with Jack's bat. From across the room I wonder if she's separated the sea of laundry. {Sigh} Nope.

Anyone else stretching their staff against the sea? From juicy peaches to crooked ties and mile long laughs to debacles of permanent marker and eye make-up remover, it's high tide here for sure. My grace is sufficient for you... a sliver of strength slid between my shoulder blades.


Goat said...

Like a fresh peach in the middle of chaos. Something so good and worth stopping to enjoy. That is strength

Candice said...

Isn't motherhood glorious? Amidst the caos of life I sometimes forget to remember that! I find myself needing my own little sliver today! :) Love you girl!