Friday, December 11, 2009


January 13. Surgery. A pinpoint incision in the new year. Each day closer. A long tether of faith pulls me, encircles the fear I expect. Cataract surgery. On Lulie.

"The hearing ear and the seeing eye
the LORD has made them both."

I'm finding submission more and more like the deep breath of an athlete.

Ready or not

here we come.

Janie pats my shoulder, "Momma." I'm half-listening. "Momma, I'm trying to be patient with you." She's on tip-toe, "Momma, I'm trying to be patient with you. I don't know if I can, but I'm trying to." She circles me like a tether ball.


Janie grabs my hand, "Can you read me a story?" A pile of books at the bottom of the stairs. A hand to hold.

A leash of love.


Lori said...

It warms my heart to think of our girls walking around together, holding hands and sharing what they know about heaven. :) Praying for the surgery!

Craig and Bethany said...

Isn't that just about the sweetest thing?! Even at 5 friendship is miraculous.

Keisha Valentina said...

Oh... sweetness.

...and prayer.