Thursday, February 25, 2010

Angel Armies

"If you choose the Lord your God, Lucy, you'll SEE God and the angel armies in heaven," Jane whispers to Lulie.

Later Jane and Jack ask to try out a homemade sling with REAL rocks. Jack waves his arms and spreads all his fingers to demonstrate. The belt and rubber band contraption looks like it really could kill someone, but I let them give it a try.

Everyday we memorize a little more of the epic exchange between David and Goliath. All audacity and courage, David runs to Goliath in the name of the LORD of hosts. The LORD of armies. Hosts.

All through the house and yard, my children slay Goliath again and again; angel armies poise for victory. Heavenly ranks descend from the skies invisible except in the audacity and courage of my little ones. Goliath shrinks, a giant smudge of a man now snuffed out by all the glory. LORD of hosts, the armies await!

Later I hear from the playroom, "Ok, now I am going to have to behead you." Serious business. Yeah, David actually cuts off Goliath's head. Anyone else forget that part?


Goat said...

Who needs video games when you have the Bible? Why would you settle for an inanimate cartoon to be the hero of your child, when the armies of the Lord are standing by, eternal heroes are ready and waiting. No need to rate or censor.

Jeff and Naomi said...

Amen, Aunt Susan!

Mo & Barbi said...

haha! Yes, I've noticed the children's books conveniently forget that last little detail... ;)

Well put, Susan!!

Olson Family said...

The boys and I are reading "This Present Darkness" by Frank Perreti. I. never. knew. I mean, how did I miss it? The HOSTS OF HEAVEN.! These children... They get it. Yes, Jane, Jack, Lulie... Can I be on YOUR adventures?!