Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Anyone else remember doing chores? These little chickadees seem to enjoy it! I say, in our house if you want to eat, you have to work. Today the kids cleaned our sinks for their chore. I assigned the kitchen sink to Janie and the bathroom one to Jack. Later, they were both elbow-deep in the kitchen.

Jack pilfered a soft-bristled baby brush as a scrubber, and Jane doled out generous pumps of dish soap.

Janie loves to be bossy, but like all oldest children know, it's only because she wants things done right! :) Haha, I'm an oldest too.

In Janie's words: "I like cleaning the sink, and I love it."

Now, she's cleaning out the kitchen cupboards.
WaHoo, she just found tea for a tea party!

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The Wags said...

Washing dishes was my least favorite chore, ever!! Well my job was actually to dry the dishes and I didn't care for that either! I remember going to the bathroom every night after dinner hoping that by the time I came out of the bathroom the dishes will have been in the strainer long enough to have air dried then all I had to do was put them away!! Isn't that awful?!