Friday, October 31, 2008


Okay, Jack loves rocks. Not just, "Oh, wow rocks are really cool!" He loves rocks. He sleeps with them at night. He stashes them all over the house, yard, garage, car. He carries them in pants pockets, sends them through the wash. At Grampa's cabin he started throwing them in the river. What a fun idea, throwing them!! Yeah right! Now wants to throw them at everything - kitchen cabinets while I am on the phone with the Children's Hospital, pretty little girls in the commons at church, random pieces of furniture, house plants.

So yesterday, Janie is flushing the toilet. Jack leans over to watch and spills three or four rocks into the camode. Janie stops holding the flusher handle down, and we take three seconds to stare at the water. Toilet paper is gone. Rocks rolled out of sight. Mom forgets all about it.

Last night I hear a rattling sound when I flush. Does this mean everything is okay? Is it the don't worry about it unless he flushes something bigger than a toothbrush rule? Or never fear, it's not flooding rule? And, if there are already rocks down there will a toothbrush fit? Oh, and, if you are wondering, yes, he is still fully uninterested in pooping in the toilet! Why stoop that low when you can flush rocks?!

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The Wags said...

All I can say to this is... too funny!! :)