Monday, June 1, 2009


So he stepped off the plane whole and handsome.


More to come.

Love you ALL.



Lori said...


Ben and Rachelle said...

YAY!!! So glad your hubby is home!!

the o's said...

so glad he's home! life is good :)

Heather said...

I hope he has a few days off from work to spend with the family.

Enjoy getting reacquainted!

Goat said...

Craig was awesome in Kenya. He was not a hero, he was paying attention, he was attentive and helpful. He was willing. What more could you want?

Pig Woman said...

Wow! What a welcoming home crew. Such a lucky man. But I want to know--What were in the presents??? And hey, EP, how do you get off not looking the slightest jet lagged in those photos after that long trip? How were you looking, Goat? snort
Hey Goat, we need to find us some sun dresses, sunglasses, and headband posies like Janie's. Can you picture us? I mean HOW fabulous would THAT be?

Daiquiri said...

Is it me, or does he have an extra sparkle in his eye? Not that I know anything about your husbands "normal" sparkle. He's a man who looks like he's had an adventure (and who's really happy to see his family)...that's all I'm sayin'