Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Almost HOME

Moments ago Craig boarded another plane headed back to Nairobi. Now just more planes, airports, layovers, little baggies of salted peanuts, packets of oyster crackers, luggage, funny shaped neck pillows, hopefully no more blown hatches, and the man I love will be ... HOME! It still feels sort of pretend -- like a well drilled in an African village far, far away where there they don't have running water and all the while my own children wage water-war in our green yard with water cannons and a bucket.

Before I know it Craig will be here and I'll face a man gone half around the world and come home. Can't be the same one who left. So begins the next leg of our journey, "Hi, I'm Bethany, who have you become? Tell me everything the same and different so I can love you all the more." How frequently the best things in life are the impossible combination of letting go and hanging on. I don't know weather to laugh or hold my breath.

To all of you, thanks. Thanks for being a hand to hold down the path of this journey. A listening ear, fresh encouragement, fun, {Grin} you've been FABULOUS! Wish I could HUG you all. Please pray for traveling mercies as the team heads home. They sure could do without the 17 EXTRA hours of travel they ended up with on the way there. :)


Olson Family said...

Miracles all around. I can almost hear it now, "Please pass me some of that delicious looking miracle down there at your end of the table. And while you were gone, I discovered some of this miracle, would you like to try some?" The exchange of life that happened while miles took you in different directions. What joy! "...whether to laugh or hold your breath..." {oh my!}

We're praying for you and your babies and for the team.

Love you!

Lori said...

Great post, and I love Sharon's comment as well. You two are going to fall back into step so easily, and how fun that you'll have new things to learn and discover about each other! Praying that his homecoming day comes swiftly and without travel issues...

Rose Emily said...

ok LOVE these photos!!! very awesome

I have been trying to email you pictures for a few days now...a few days ago I realized the email I sent you got stuck in my outbox...??? weird. And now every time I attach photos the email crashes when I send it! oh computers. Anyway I will get the pics from the marathon to ya somehow..I haven't forgotten!

love ya,


Rose Emily said...
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Goat said...

Hey ho we are home. Just read all the blog entries I missed. Like flipping the fabric and finding what I thought was the backside a work of art at least as great as the side I have been mending. The way everything not only holds together but shines from every point of view brings me to my knees. Love you love you!

Daiquiri said...

That first picture...perfect! Looks like I feel every day at about 5:30 waiting for Luke to walk in the door :-) Can't wait to hear all about his experience.