Saturday, May 9, 2009

Feeling A Little Stressed

I sleep in. They raid the sugar bowl, crunching down big spoonfuls of sugar. I shower. They head out back wearing only undies to mow the grass with safety scissors. I make dinner. Lulie unloads an entire box of Kleenex on the living room rug after practicing first on the wet wipes. Twice. Things are a little better the next day. They take turns eating crystalized honey out of the dish, open and sample a bag of butterscotch chips, and inform me, "Lulu like it when I cut her hair." Are we feeling a little stressed over here?!

Africa here we come!

(Well, Daddy anyway.)


Lori said...

We'd be happy to keep your social calendar full during his trip! Hope Lulu's cute little ponytails are still intact after her "trim." :)

Goat said...

I think Lulie got that kleenex gene from you......seems like I remember you sitting on the waterbed amid a SEA of kleenex. An entire allergy season's worth of the white ones. They are just a tidge more unhandy to store that way HAHAHAHA.

Audra said...

Whenever Jeffery gets into those wet wipes I head over to scold him and he so sweetly begins to hand them to me as if to say "I was doing all this just for you Mama." How can you be upset at that?

Ben and Rachelle said...

Just think about how boring your days would be without all this built-in entertainment!! :) There's memories made daily at your house!

Olson Family said...

Oh! What squishable little lovies you have in your midst!!

I'm praying for you and the little ones while Daddy is away. And I'm praying for Craig and your parents, too! Can't wait for the updates!!

Love you!