Friday, May 15, 2009


"Janie, what about you?"

"My prayer request is to help this whole family be righteous and worship GOD." She is already folding hands and squinting shut blue eyes. The unmistakable tang of faith baptizes our prayer. I slide a little closer. She pauses, kisses my hand.


"You got boogers in your nose," he tells me.


"Sometimes I see boogers in your nose," he wrinkles he forehead. "Maybe you can eat your boogers if you want to."



Mo & Barbi said...

I ADORE the new Jane, Jack and Lulie picture!! Waaay too cute!
So Craig is off to Africa now... I didn't realize that it was time already. I'll keep you, the kids, and craig in my prayers, that God will do an amazing work through Craig and in you while he's away..
Love you.

--and of COURSE you can eat your boogers if you want too!

Craig and Bethany said...

You're a PEACH, Barbi. Thanks.

--Oh, annnd I see you get RAVE reviews on boogers at your house too! Hee-hee. :)

the o's said...

i love the new pic as well! lulie is making a face that wesley always makes and it's one of my favorites. :)

Audra said...

Kudos on the new picture. Each kids is just in their own world. LOVE that!

Craig and Bethany said...

Thank-you for your notes, gals. Manna from heaven. **Thanks.**

EP Hemingweigh said...

EP is safe in Nairobi!

Pig Woman said...

Yippee! Love that EP!

Goat said...

What a comfort to be in the airport (ask Jack) and be able to bring up the blogs. Won't happen every day but for now a nice lil bit of home. Better git to bed. G'nite Pookie and all.

Lori said...

- the new pic
- this post
- you guys!!

Olson Family said...

Oh! Precious! Jesus must throw back His head and belly-laugh at the faith-and-booger-moments in our simple lives.

I just love you guys!