Friday, May 22, 2009

A Well for the Village

Please join us in prayer. The drill rig is now on site in Adiedo, Kenya. As they bore deep, deep down into Kenyan soil, our prayer is that they find WATER, a pressed down, shaken together, overflowing, splash out onto the land abundance of water.

It's 50/50 odds of finding even a small trickle that qualifies as wet. We're going for pure miracle, a gusher. And so we pray...

Also, please pray for Craig who will be speaking at a near by boys' school.

Adiedo is located in the semi-arid expanse of Kenya where water is so scarce that it can only be found in a few stagnant murky ponds or dry stream beds and ditches. Animals drink from this water and urinate in it. Often times, animal carcasses lie rotting at the edge of the water. It is hard to imagine anyone drinking this toxic untreated water. It is not unusual for a child to go two weeks without bathing or having their clothes washed for lack of enough water.

However, for nine out of ten families in western Kenya, it is the only water available. They trek several miles to fill containers with this mud-like water. During the dry season, after these water holes dry up, people walk even further. Water-borne diseases are the number one killer of children in Kenya

~David Opap – Founder of Spring of Hope International


Lori said...

Gorgeous pics. Praying that the well overflows with water and blessings for all! Craig will be great with the boys. Seems that God has been preparing him for this for the past 10 years...

Audra said...

LOVE those pictures!!! So excited about the drilling...I pray that they strike water, and those unsaved will see God through this project!