Friday, July 10, 2009

Learning to Read

First it's Jack, "That's an A," his smudgy finger pokes an A in a sea of words. Then it's Jane paging through one book and another, another and another for little brother. Her sing-song voice strings together pictures and plot, "See Jack, he's jumping in the water!"

A tiny miracle.

So I tell her, "Honey, if you can learn to read you can learn to do ANYTHING." Gramma used to always say that and she could do practically anything.

Jane opens her eyes up real big. "You mean like how God can just SAY it and it HAPPENS?!" I can see her picturing God, Let there be LIGHT!

"Oh, no." I grin. "That'd be neat, huh?" Her head bobs up and down bouncing blonde curls and a splashy flower. "No, it's more like you can read ABOUT anything to learn how to do it!" (Except not the speaking and it happens thing.)

Later that week she informs us that my hideous sewing debacle is no big deal, "'Cause, Momma, you know how to read so you'll be able to figure it out."

And she's right!


Daniel and Cerissa said...

That girl is going to love to read, just like her momma! I love the world that opens up through reading and can't wait to share it with my boys :)

Rose Emily said...

I loved learning to read! well at least I am glad I know how..haha. I've been meaning to email you! I would love to get together to talk sometime..miss you very much Bethany!!!!

Heather said...

I love how Jane relates everything back to God. He is so real to her. What a blessing!

Happy Readying!

Goat said...

Don't we take reading for granted!? Ahhh the love of words, how they play against and for each other--oh that poetry game, there's nothing like it!

Ben and Rachelle said...

My aunt used to tell me the same thing. For some reason, I always thought cooking seemed sooooo hard and she would always tell me..."if you can read, you can cook.". We sure do take it for granted. Can't imagine getting through this life without that ability!

Lori said...

Love Cerissa's comment - couldn't agree more! Happy reading!

Olson Family said...

Those Mediterranean Sea Blue eyes... I can practically see the letters, words, poetry, and ideas reflecting from them!

And the depth of Gramma's wisdom... ah, so true!