Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poor Baby

Poor baby. Croup blossomed into a drippy soggy wheezing cold. Cough. Fever. Lethargic eyes half open. She laid on the couch for four days until we hauled in to the doctor. Something just didn't seem right.

As it turns out, the human ear can hold an ENORMOUS amount of wax. After a five minute excavation per ear we uncovered double ear infections. (And I mean EXCAVATION. I was seriously FLOORED. One piece was a half inch long!)

In any case, praise the LORD for Motrin and antibiotics. Lulie's like a brand-new girl.

*** Oh, and THANK-YOU for all your name suggestions! I have a feeling we will be taking our list to the hospital, so seriously, keep 'em coming. :)


Daniel and Cerissa said...

I'm so thankful she is feeling better! Poor, sweet, little Lucy!
I know in some strange way you were in hog heaven with that ear wax excavation (hahahaha) :)

Lori said...

Wow - that's quite a visual! I'm so glad that she's feeling better. Praying you all stay healthy for the big arrival!

Lynn said...

Poor little girl! Guess Gramma hasn't been keeping close enough track of her. :-)

Goat said...

I think some children are survivors because they have the ability to just put up with a lot. It is a third born characteristic. Takes one to know one heh heh heh :)

Craig and Bethany said...

The little dolly is up on her feet way more than I would be today. :)

And yes, I have to admit I was captivated by the earwax. Who knew?! Just not that often you get complete surprised. :) Hee-hee.