Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sorrrryyyy, Momma

Anyone else had a few days like this?

"You can't hide from God things," Jack negotiates a mouthful of oatmeal, "Yeah, because He knows what you have done." With a pause and a swallow, "He sees it INSIDE you."

Morning light shines across our table as the boy shovels in more gruel. Inside of me. I probably look all scribbled green. Green and no guile. I suppose like Lulie I'm pigtails and green tummy to God. And sorrrryyyy. Most days I still can't believe he forgives me over and over and OVER for all my faults. For not being perfect. I'm not perfect. I sigh.

The morning settles around us in breakfast bowls and puddles of milk. And as grace swoops down, I breathe in the slow moments. Children chatter, one helps Lulie scoop bites. Even as I sigh, I long to obey this God. He forgives me.


Lori said...
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Goat said...

Love the pic of Lulie.

It is interesting that forgiveness of wrong does not affect the longing to do what is right. An attempt to do right that falls short shouldn't need forgiveness. I think God delights in our search to be like him--perfect. But how do you ever separate out pride and ego that spoil the perfection equation??

Lori said...

Oops! Just meant to add this PS re: your question. "Yes!" xoxo

Ben and Rachelle said...

That Lucy!! She has such a great pout!! :) Hopefully her stomach was decorated with a Crayola and not a Sharpie!

There's nothing quite like the grace of our God. So humbling. I think it keeps us all moving forward.

Heather said...

Sweet visual of repentance and forgiveness. Kids teach us a lot as we "teach" them. I too long to obey this one who runs to us with open arms regularly as we come back to him on our knees.

Happy Sunday.

Lynn said...

I think this girl is showing some artistic bent. It's the family gene thing.

Craig and Bethany said...


Definitely a family gene thing. :)

Meli Joy said...

This has been Addie for the last couple of months. She colors on everything. We are hoping for an artist!


Mo & Barbi said...

UGH. I am SUCH a mess of green scribbles inside! And God is so good to show me that it is all His Grace. He takes me scribbles and all : )
That picture looks like it should be on one of those belated birthday cards or something... too precious!!!!