Thursday, November 6, 2008

Jane, Jack, and Lulie

"Say, 'Jesus, will you come live in my heart?'" I hear Janie in the back seat of the suburban a couple of days ago. She then announces that Jack is going to be in heaven too when we die. Lulu, she's on to you next.

"I'm just sitting here with my heart listening to Jesus...God is in the sky and in my heart," she says.

Praying the other night Jack was really rowdy. Part way through I realized he was fiddling with Lulu and saying in his best big brother voice, "Pray, Lulu. Pray! Pray Lulu.." Didn't help that she totally doesn't get the idea of closing her eyes, which is the universal sign of, "I'm praying!"


Lori said...

That made me teary! What sweethearts you have. They are already letting their light shine!

Rose Emily said...

oh how precious...that made me tear up a bit...such sincere and pure love for Jesus!!! Oh that everyone could love like that. You are doing such a phenomenal job raising those chillins.

The Lochheads said...

SO, SO SWEET! What precious children you have! :) LE

Matheus said...

I love reading your blog, Bethany!... I hope my kids will say stuff like this.

MoBarbiAva said...

That is absolutely PRECIOUS!!! How encouraging for you to hear those things.
Ava has really been into praying, now she always wants to lead us in prayer... I can't help but think when she's doing it, Jesus is probably smiling down on her, thinking it's just as cute as I do (if not more!)!