Friday, November 14, 2008

Patchin' It

What a little trooper Lucy is. I wore one of her patches around for about 60 seconds. By then I was seasick and keeled over on the couch. How I missed that third dimension the second eye creates! Lord, knows I'd be a complete hazard on stairs wearing one of those!

You'll also be glad to know we are faithfully treating all of Janie's babies who also have congenital cataracts. It is hard to have Lulu pass on enough hand-me-down patches for them all. :) What a great mother Janie is, delighting in caring for each one.

How tremendous, that the eye can actually learn to create a perfect image with a partly clouded lens. Perfection out of disaster, sounds like the life of my Savior. Maybe I should embrace each disaster with the expectation of tremendous glory, as a child awaiting a fireworks display. My God, we never know what he will do, or how his plan may explode in unexpected splendor. They always say, "No pain, no gain." Yes, the greater the cost the more spectacular the result. Oh, what a strange world where we are made better by all we endure.


Goat said...

The absurdity of praying for God to protect us from pain. No wonder it comes upon us usually with no choice.

Lori said...

The comment above hits it on the nail. If we knew what was ahead of us we'd surely yank the wheel and try and turn around, but think of what we'd miss!

PS - Super sweet post about Craig! :)