Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Someone tagged me. I'm not exactly sure what that means...
Here is my best guess:

7 Facts of Life
1. Cheese and chocolate are my two favorite food groups.

2. Craig freaks out when I drive. Yes, I have a license and drive in the lines, okay, most of the time.

3. I love cap guns. Sounds totally politically incorrect, but I played, "Bang-you're-dead" as a kid and still love to play guns.

4. Day lilies are my favorite flower. We have maybe 20 different varieties in our gardens.

5. My grampa is a doctor and a gem cutter. I once lost a precious gem in a rushing river building a rock dam and almost couldn't get the mangled setting off my finger.

6. I watch one hour of TV per week: Fox News Sunday. Emma's take on it: "Are you gonna watch TV? Good, 'cause I was gonna tell you TV rots your brain."

7. I was once bit by a dog jogging. We briefly wondered if the dog had been vaccinated, determined it had, then the bite area swolled up giant, got infected, and finally drained a couple of weeks later.

Does this mean I get to tag someone now?


Lori said...

It's nice to have a momma-centric post & learn some fun stuff about you. Though hearing about the draining wound did turn my stomach a bit - you poor girl!

Heather said...

Oh Bethany, I miss you. So fun to read these little insights in to your life :)