Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Little Cup of Goodness


Isn't it great how kids blissfully overlook the scary long night - coaxing Lulu to breathe, the juggle from steamy bathroom to cold morning air out on the driveway in rumpled pajamas, all a tangle of baby and blankie and hoarse gasps now not so short and alarming, the slippers tossed on at the last second, a small defense against sharp rocks on the driveway - how they sort of peer over the rim of a new day to spy toes to tickle and cheeks that need a hundred kisses? A little cup of goodness.


Daniel and Cerissa said...

Thank you Lord for protecting Lulu. That girl is gonna be a fighter!

Thank you so much for the fun time last night! I know my whole family will enjoy our full freezer for months to come!!!

Daiquiri said...

Yikes - sounds like you had a heck of a night. It's so scary when you little one can't breathe. One of my babies had a cold when she was just a couple of days old. Since she couldn't breathe through her mouth yet, it was tough to keep her clear enough to breathe. There were a few times she was just BLUE. So scary.

Glad she's doing better :)

I think it's so sweet - the pictures you capture of your little ones caring for one another. Precious

Goat said...

I think they call that GRACE.