Thursday, March 12, 2009


1. My four year old can make sandwiches.

2. Apparently, I have a really nice forehead, and my bread is "Pertaculous!"

3. If you want to win an argument try: "I not bad boy, you bad boy!"

4. "What kind of animal lays cheese?" You know the grated kind you put on pizza.

5. The children confessed they found bees' nests in the backyard. Wisely, "We put them in the dog run."

6. Staring at palm, "When are we gonna SEE germs?"

7. In reference to my beauty parlor, "Are you painting your eyes?!" Stare. "That's probably painting."

8. "Hey Momma, I just want you to know that I love you and that's why I cleaned for you," the WHOLE upstairs while I was sacked out on the plaid couch!

9. Out of breath, rosy cheeked, tumbling through the back door, flurry of coats, hats, boots, mittens, melted puddles, sigh, "We were playing Sera and Bedo the WHOLE time." (Sera and Bedo, our friends adopted out of Africa, another post).

10. Dinner hour, hands covering ears: "Can you hear me? MOMMA, can you HEAR me?!"


The Life and Times of a Radiochick.. said...
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Olson Family said...

Oh, Bethany! I want to come live at YOUR house! And can I bring my brood with me? We have so VERY much to learn from you and your precious babies!!

Daiquiri said...

You take really gorgeous photos. You make every day life look so beautiful....I guess every day life really is beautiful if looked at through the right "lens" :)

Thanks so much for your sweet comment this morning - started the day off right for me.

Have a great Friday!