Wednesday, April 1, 2009

4 Hours a Day

Four hours. That's how long we paste a patch over little Lucy's eye each day. It's hard and easy all at once. It's an offering. Here, God, we'll patch like eyes were made for patches. I always feel sort of like I'm putting a band-aid on the whole affair. Sometimes I wonder if God gave me this tiny hand hold of control just to feel like I'm helping. It's sort of like the way I let Janie stir the cookie dough.

Our appointment was yesterday. Small black plots on a graph, so unimpressive, and yet so startling. Her bad eye scored 20/47, the tippy top of the developmental curve! The good eye scored 20/90. Her GOOD eye actually lags slightly behind the BAD eye (though still well within the range of normal).

So when something miraculous happens, what do you do? I have no praise grand enough, no heart pure enough. I guess in a way I fear the Lord more that he can so matter of factly give vision to my child. Even writing it sounds funny. Give vision?! Who does that? Nah, let's not bring flowers this time; let's just pluck a few stems of sight to bring instead. All the while the cataract planted in the middle of her glassy lens worships God. Who knew the very imperfection would be the glory of glories. Sight in the face of all odds. Oh to be so imperfect.

A Journey of Eight Years


Anonymous said...

cute kiddos! i enjoyed their pictures.

i also have my new born baby named Lilo.Ü


Goat said...

A small glory in the center of her eye. Ohh this was made for poetry!

God is good. Ignore the cliche. Good is God.

Lori said...

We're so thankful and happy for you guys. :) This deserves a whole chapter in your family's gratitude journal!

sean lumsden said...

Praise God- what a great testimony!

Ben and Rachelle said...

Praise the Lord!! WAHOO!

the o's said...

bethany, i am just using the cloth at night, and he usually doesn't have #2's until mid-day. although i've heard you can just dump it in the toilet and it's just as easy. the cleanup part is the only reason i'm wary about doing full time cloth... but who knows, we might get there! love your blog and your stories... praying for little lucy's eye.. :)

Pig Woman said...

OK, I just have to throw this in. I bought 2 dozen cloth diaps when my first child was born. Very first change I took one look, and threw the whole thing in the garbage! My seester tried to get me to rinse it in the toidy, but no way Jose. The remaining 23 worked right nice as cleaning cloths.

Bethany, I am so happy to hear about Lucy!

Daiquiri said...

Yahoo! Thrilled to bits over here :)