Monday, April 27, 2009

Fire Roasted Vegetables

After watching thrift stores for a year, Craig finally found a BBQ. Although I will miss the thrill of lighting our old grill without igniting clothing, hair, or nearby children, Craig was having most of the so called fun anyway. Our top marks go to the Habitat For Humanity Surplus Store. Did I mention that we also purchased tile? $4.00 worth of tile and we can re-do the whole bathroom with it!

Here's some fun we've been having with the BBQ:

Fire Roasted Veggies:

1 sweet onion
1 red bell pepper
2-4 c. green beans

olive oil
balsamic vinegar syrup*
1 T. rosemary

1. Chop onion and bell pepper and combine with beans.
2. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
3. Drizzle with olive oil and balsamic vinegar syrup*.
4. Grind rosemary to a powder using a pestle and sprinkle over vegetables.
5. Toss to coat and dump in BBQ grill basket (see pic above).
6. BBQ on medium heat for 5 min. Stir and roast another 5 min.
7. Cool and serve along side your favorite meat.

Balsamic Vinegar Syrup*

In a sauce pan bring one cup of balsamic vinegar to a boil. Turn heat to low and simmer until the vinegar reduces to 1/3 cup. Pour into a glass measuring cup to cool, then transfer to a drizzle container. Enjoy over vegetables, salads, sandwiches, or meat, a gourmet accent to almost any meal. One article even suggested trying it over vanilla ice cream!

Any other grilling tips or recipes?


Lori said...

Yum - sounds delicious! I've got a recipe tucked away for a balsamic vinegar/strawberry dessert that I'll have to pass on. Sounds right up your alley since I know how much you like balsamic vinegar!

Happy grilling!

AmyK said...

Yeah!!! I love seeing young children being offered more that mac n' cheese and pb&j!!! It is so important that you start them young on different flavors and styles of cooking. Thank you on behalf of all the friend;s mothers whom they share dinner with!

Goat said...

Ok, I am making that basalmic reduction right NOW!

Mo & Barbi said...

I'm game to try that balsamic syrup over ice cream.... --at your house. (yes, I'm inviting myself over!!!)
That looks like a magazine picture btw, you are so talented! I love ya.

Ben and Rachelle said...

Sounds delicious - would be a great compliment to soy-sauce marinated flank steak also cooked on the grill.