Thursday, September 24, 2009


"Jesus, thank-you that I get to be with my mommy today. Amen." And here I thought she was going to bless the food.

Later it's nap time. Jane strings hugs and kisses into long tangents. Her small hand on mine, she grins, "My whole heart is full of kisses, Momma."

I play along, "Oh, I save them for when I am sad." I say.

"Hey Momma, is it ever hard to get out just one?" They're all bumping together and filling her with giggles.

"Oh, I usually take a whole handful because they all just sort of stick together. Is that what you do?"

"Oh. No. I just take them all out in my hand and just look for the one I want. But you have to kind of be careful and not tip them or they will fly all over. I actually had that happen once and then they get mixed up with everyone else's and they are hard to find." Kisses are serious business.

"So what did you do?"

"Well, for a while I put my name on them but that kind of works."

Every kiss has a name. Sometimes I have so many I almost forget.

**Special thanks to S. Cowger for the pictures.


Lori said...

It always sounds like your home is overflowing with kisses and joy! Wonderful pictures - can't believe how long and gorgeous your sweet girl's hair is getting!

Pig Woman said...

THAT is priceless. Children's imaginations are so delightful. Thanks for sharing, Bethany. And I love, love, love that wild curly hair!

Wow! Awesome pics, Goat.

Adina said...

I'm so glad you posted. I've been hungry for a glimpse of the Jane, Jack & Julie life. What a beautiful thing it is when children know they are loved.

Olson Family said...

THANK YOU for the post!!!!

"...all bumping together and filling her with giggles." Does she share? Will she throw some eastward, over the big pond? We'd love some of that sweetness, too.

Love that Jane, Jack, and Lulu!

Adina said...

This morning as I went about my routine it suddenly popped into my head that the reason it felt weird writing "Julie" yesterday was that it was the wrong name! Oh dear. I guess my fingers were seeking alliteration on the keyboard. Your baby & mine share the same name, and I know that. I'll be telling my fingers to remember it, too.

Craig and Bethany said...

Ha-ha! How funny, I didn't even notice. :)

And thanks everyone for your wonderful encouragement. The priceless gift of refreshment, thanks.

Love you.

Rose Emily said...

Oh my goodness Emma's hair has gotten soooo long! love it.