Monday, September 14, 2009

Open Wide

"Go wash your hands with SOAP, Jack. Daddy said that WAS poop." Thankfully, picture and quote happened on different days. However, given his soft spot for Lulie we're all singing yippie-yahoo that no one is sick. We seem to have a theme lately on bowels and other grossness. I am getting a little de-sensitized.

On a lighter note, my life is filled with unending sweetness: Jack measures Lulie's pudgy baby arms with salad tongs. He pulls back a living room-sized bed for her and Jane. Janie declares she's, "Just feeling sort of gentle," and needs a Momma-date to Starbucks. The odd kaleidoscope swaddles me up, a corset of love.


Lori said...

Your kids have very tender, sweet hearts - just like their Momma! Love your new profile picture - it totally captures you. Have a great day! xoxo

Pig Woman said...

Desensitized is such a freeing place. What is better than being able to say "Oh good grief, its just a little poo."

I seemed to have lost my kalidoscope and corset this week. Frankly, with three teenagers, they seem to go missing more often than I would like. Thanks for reminding me to keep a searching eye open for them.

Ben and Rachelle said...

Aww! Love your kiddos - they are such sweeties! Jack is such a little man - poop and all!

Olson Family said...

I so enjoy seeing the world through your kiddo's eyes.