Monday, March 15, 2010

The Beating Game

{A Tutorial on How to Win}

"'I beat you," Janie chirps. "I won." All blue eyes and grin, she reaches for the leftover olives.

"Nuh uh," Jack garbles. Burrito bulges in his cheeks. "I turned OFF the beating game," he says and opens his eyes real wide.

"So." Jane mimics the eyes, "I still beat you."

"I turned OFF the beating game."


"Well, you finished first anyway," I say. "You didn't tell him you were racing, honey." I reach for her plate and sidle it into the dishwasher.

Jane momentarily interrupts the stand-off, "Well Momma, that's the only way I think I can win."

Haha, anyone else remember any handy tricks to winning?


Goat said...

Being a middle child, I was always on the losing end of the beating game. This is why as an adult I am either "NOT PLAYING" the beat game or I am viciously competing. No middle ground really. And I reserve the right to turn off the beating game half way through, if things aren't looking good.

And then there is Craig.....HAHAHAHA

Mrs. Dunbar said...

I love sweet stories of children. Yours are beatiful.