Sunday, March 28, 2010

Holding My Baby

I get up. A living room floor littered with games and pre-breakfast fun greets me. I pour oats and flax and berries, start the microwave, call for my children. The two little ones sweep Chutes and Ladders into the Candy Land box and knock a deck of cards out of the cabinet.

Little black baby doll in tow, Jane bounds into the kitchen. "Hey Momma," she hugs her baby, "can I keep holding my baby before I clean up, and while I clean up, and after I clean up?" She smiles at baby. "Because the simple things really matter," she says.

Simple things.

"Sure." I smile too. The baby in my belly kicks. I reach for a coffee cup, "Sure, honey." She's already out directing traffic.

Simple things.

What are your simple things?


Goat said...

Turning and looking at whoever is talking to you when sitting at the computer.

the o's said...

so sweet. i think jane should be teaching a bible study or counseling adults in what really matters.. or SOMETHING. the words that come out of her mouth have got to make you smile! but of course, she wouldn't be her if it weren't for her awesome mom and dad! good job!

Olson Family said...

Everything "the o's" said. Jane is a tremendous encouragement to me -- she reflects the values of her parents. I just love your family!