Friday, March 5, 2010


Jane and Jack prospect the yard. An old sprinkler joint from the repair bin, last year's gooseberry netting, cardboard, branches, leaves, a hand trowel, the occasional marble or bead or smooth stone, they gather treasure.

Lulie knows the game. Dirt and all.

I squeeze into a child-sized picnic seat and warm my face in the sun. "I'm exhausted."

"Hey Momma," Janie looks up, "ask God, if you want to be tough." I watch her eyes, smooth lakes of blue. "Have you asked Him?"

Oh. Nope. I was just gonna suffer through. Silly me.


Mo & Barbi said...

...and He will. He's just waiting for us to ask. :)

Look at Emma barefoot in March!! How wild is that?!?! I hear the weather up here in AK is pretty mild this year compared to normal, also... though it's more like Spokane's normal winters right now, and I guess normal Anchorage winters are more like last year's Spokane winter! (did that make any sense, at all???) ;)

Lori said...

Your kids are awesome! What faith! You're doing a great job. :)

Goat said...

This is how to renew your mind toward God--through the eyes of a child.

Olson Family said...

long smile... Thank you, Jane. I needed that reminder! Bless you!