Thursday, January 29, 2009


Janie hates it.

I have a cut on my forehead. Nice red scab, prominent placement.

She STARES at the cut, squinches up her nose, "I don't like that cut. Momma."

I keep knitting. "Momma, I just really don't like that cut." Pause. Knit-knit. Now louder, "I don't like your cut, Mom."

Sigh, squint, "Honey, how would you like it if I said, 'I don't like your face'?"

She stares. "What if I said, 'Janie, I just REALLY don't like your face. I don't like it. Eww, yuck!' How would that make you feel?"

Pause. Grin. "I would just say, 'Well don't look at it.'" No bite, pure solution, glad she can help.

And there I am the silly one thinking that a cut or any such thing could make someone not pretty.


Melissa said...

I've decided I want little Emma Jane to come live at my house for a few days. :)

Goat said...

Emma never confuses emotion with solution. Wouldn't THAT be nice :>)

Lori said...

Love her. She's truly your daughter! (And Craig's too, of course. You know what I mean...)

Ben and Rachelle said...

I think she might be an engineer when she grows up! She's all logic! Love her spunk!