Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sweeten Up

Mostly Janie answers when I call. Sometimes not.

Then the other day I asked, "Why didn't you answer?"

"Well, I was trying to sweeten myself up first."

I love praying with her. She doesn't shrink God down to manageable the way that I do. She'll up and say, "In the name of the LORD God of the angel armies, ready or not, just make us how you want us to be!" I couldn't say that without trying to be gutsy. She acts like it's as common sense as setting the table. Maybe she's right.

'Course she's not perfect, but oh, to fail and fall into grace. She'll say, "Jesus is cleaning my heart. I can't believe it feels so GOOD!" I used to think she wasn't sorry when she'd disobey. But now I see a small quarter turn toward joy, toward being made better, as if regret is a mere formality in the work of repentance. The whole moment of failure gets swallowed up, and there I am wondering why I can't fail so well.


Heather said...

This must be what Jesus means when he says "child like faith." Do you think Janie could teach a class on this ;)

Goat said...

The older I get the more it is acceptable to be childlike. Always thought that was deterioration--perhaps not so much.

Ben and Rachelle said...

I agree! We all need to take lessons from Emma!

Pete said...

pucker up buttacup.. Emma's a cutie.