Wednesday, January 7, 2009

She Believes

Craig holds Janie and I see why she believes in God.

She thinks he's just like her daddy.

Perhaps we all see some version of Dad as we try to imagine the creator of all that is good. The personality of complete security and outrageous fun, the starting point of devotion - a job description like that and suddenly in the image of God begins to make sense.

The scaffolding of love.


Melissa said...

*Sigh* There's just nothing like watching your daughter and her daddy, is there? Craig is laying such a strong foundation for those precious girls that will affect so many areas of their lives. I didn't have that, and I thank the Lord regularly that my daughter will.

Do you scrapbook? That last photo is screaming to be captured on a layout...

Lori said...

Natalie: I like those pictures. I like Emma and Mr Craig.

Rose Emily said...

so precious and so true!

love ya,


Ben and Rachelle said...

So true, and so awesome that you are able to capture these moments!