Sunday, January 10, 2010

The BODY Book

"It's something I saw in the Body Book," she says.

"Oooh. So, it's sort of alive and something you saw in the Body Book?"

"Yeah." Janie grins and dips her grilled-cheese in a ramekin of salad dressing. We're playing Guess What I'm Thinking. She's winning.

Before we know it Jane describes a cut she used to have on her finger and how inside it looked just like in the Body Book.

The Body Book - 912 color pages of well, the BODY, human anatomy. It spells out every system and part of the body. I'm sort of a nerd; I love books like that. The children POUR over it.

"Yeah, but you can't really see it," she continues.

"Ok. But you said it's pink?"

Janie bobs her head up and down, "Yeah, and sort of comes out of your back and into your arms."

Daddy grabs the Body Book and the hunt is on. We look at skin and bones, fingers, joints, nerves, and finally settle on MUSCLES. That's it, muscles! Even though we guess her idea, Jane shines. We're playing. Isn't that how kids say, I love you, at play?

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Goat said...

I can't help but think that the fact that your children do not watch tv has something to do with how they approach books and other venues for information. It shows how truely absorbant the brain is and how like a sponge it is--not only sopping up what is under it but drawing everything near into it.