Monday, January 18, 2010


So, it's a go.

Tomorrow. Wednesday.

Check-in 7:15 am. Surgery 9:00.

Would ya'll mind praying?

Lord, if you are willing, I know you can heal me.

A grand request.

A grand God.

Here we go.


Rose Emily said...

I will and am praying! Our God is so great!!! :) Love you all!


Lori said...

Love you and praying for you all, dear friend.

Ruthy said...

We are praying for safety and miracles for the sweet girl. Jesus bless!

the o's said...


Goat said...

Lord bring glory to your Name through this, may Lucy know your strength and mercy and power. Your salvation heals us. Let it be realized in Lucy. Amen

Pete said...

God.. please fix it.



Ben and Rachelle said...

Lord this precious little girl needs you. If it's your will, Father, give Lulu the healing touch that only you can provide. Amen.

Love you!

Melissa said...

You're probably walking through the doors right now. We'll be praying!

Jeff and Naomi said...

Praying and trusting!

Candice said...

I hope things went well. Have been praying for you all morning. May the Lord Bless you in ways you can't even imagine these next weeks. Isn't it amazing to remember that He made those little eyes...and He doesn't make mistakes!