Saturday, December 27, 2008

An Angel

Jack has a cold. With the devotion of two years old, he rubs sanitizer over both hands, front, back, waves them in the air. "Dry Momma. Touch Lulu?"

Hands already pulling toward Lulie, he resists, waits, I nod, "Okay." He grabs her hand and leans in close-close, kisses her, lays gently on her tummy, smiles. Sigh. Guess we didn't really need the sanitizer.

Janie participated in our Christmas Eve service this year. Her four-year old stride onto stage, smile, tiny shrug, seemed completely unconscious of audience. Half-way through she noticed the angel perched up above. The angel! She couldn't look away. At one point the angel waved at her. She paused, waved back. The night went on.

Yesterday tucking her into bed, we snuggled, laughed over our day. A couple of quiet moments and then, "Mom, was that angel on stage REAL?"


Lori said...

If you have a dvd of the service we'd love to see it! Aren't those cozy moments in bed together awesome? Hugs to all!

Goat said...

Emma was the angel.

Daniel and Cerissa said...

Wish we could have seen it!

Van Sickles said...

Your photos are just amazing- Matt commented on how they show your artsy side. Love them! I also am astounded at how profound your kids are! Maybe it's in the way you talk to them that they pick up on all this- wow! Your Christmas letter/quotes and the comment here about being addicted to God-amazing! Just love to get on here for a little lift in my day. Thank you! -Heidi

Craig and Bethany said...

Thanks for the compliment! I have to give credit to Craig for the Christmas photos! And, the kids, well, God is amazing. :)