Thursday, December 18, 2008


They requested bread. Plain, dry, boring, sandwich bread.

They ripped it to shreds and tried to eat like dogs.

I made my that-is-bad-manners face.

Janie countered with, "But Mom, it's manna!"


Goat said...

Of course,MANNA!Pre-finger-food.I love that Emma does her best to experience everything.

Ben and Rachelle said...

Hilarious! And what exactly do you say to that?! She is such a character!
PS - LOVE your christmas card - absolutely hysterical!

Mo & Barbi said...

That's a riot!!
Well, at least you know she's retaining knowledge from those bible stories! ...Even if she does use it as manipulation!

rianemmerson said...

That is pretty cute!!
I'm SO excited to get back in touch! I know we say this every year about this time, but we really do need to get together, seeing as I didn't even know about your gorgeous #3!
Hope all is well!

Lori said...

Can my kids come and stay with you for a week or so? I know they'll come home with such an awesome perspective on life and faith. These stories are priceless. Love you!