Friday, December 12, 2008

Pumpkin Eater

Don't ya just love how kids can pretend anything? Hard to say what this pumpkin has become, but certainly not the normal garden variety. It was probably glowing last night, or sporting Cinderella in her glass slippers.

I love how the line between fairly tale and everyday life is whisper thin. Pretend is just below the surface like rosy cheeks that become full and sweet with cold winter air, like the warm steam of their breath on cold mornings that puffs out as they run. One unexpected move and the world is all a fairytale.

Makes the loveliest version of myself suddenly appear.


Lori said...

Now that the pumpkin is covered in snow it will probably be replaced by something else that we view as plain, but they see as extraordinary.

Ben and Rachelle said...

I wish I had that perspective more often. We should all take lessons from these kids.

Heather said...

Your writing makes the ordinary seem magical. I love reading your blog entries.

The Lochheads said...

So well described! Kids' perspective is so fun to remember/re-live. I wonder what kids think of their teachers... :) Le