Monday, December 22, 2008

The Heart of a Child

With decidedly more than two feet of snow, the world feels more like Christmas with each passing moment.

Who knows why we went out the other day, but coming home Janie informed us that we were following a smoker. Yes, she is the bionic nose of our family. Enter, our first "drugs are bad" conversation. She was intrigued by nicotine and the idea that you can be addicted to something. I said, "It's sort of a yucky thing because if you are addicted, it means you can't be refreshed and happy without nicotine."

Long pause.

"Mom, I think I am addicted to God."

This is the little man who rubs his face in my hair at night when I tuck him in. He hugs my neck real tight with both hands. "I like your hair," he says. Hug. Pause. Hug-hug. Blink. "God made you," he says. Snuggle. Hug. Hhhhuugg.


Lori said...

Love them! Sweet stories about precious kids...

PS - Just made the girls headbands with the lovely flowers you gave me - a million thanks! :) Merry Christmas!

Mo & Barbi said...

tooooooo precious...
Don't we all need that addiction in our lives!!