Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snow Days

Hard to believe he loves coloring on walls with crayons and permanent marker alike from this photo. Now he sets out to conquer a world of fresh fallen snow, upon snow, upon white, white snow. It's at least waist deep on little Columbus here.

Off to the side, Daddy is raking plumes of snow off the roof.

It's demanding being a boss in clan like this. Thank goodness she has Jack and Lulu to practice on!

This girl was born to lead.

Lookin' for fun, always, always lookin' for FUN!


If you play it just right, this is how making snow angels ends.



Ben and Rachelle said...

I just love the character and personality of each one of your kids. You just never know what's next!

Lori said...

Looks like Em's lip is healing well! What a great close up picture of her there at the end. You could fill all your walls with the awesome photos you've shared on this blog!