Wednesday, December 17, 2008


There is a rip in our leather couch. It came that way. The kids jumped on it. It grew. Big. After repeated scolding and correction of the most convincing kind, Janie asked, "Why don't you like the hole?"

"Because it is ugly. Ugly, ugly, UGLY!!" Yes, one of my more articulate and sensitive moments.

"Oh, what's ugly?"

Imagine, a world without ugly.


Goat said...

Oh a world without ugly--I have to think about ugly must not be a moral question, right?

Lori said...


Ben and Rachelle said...

Oh, to have the mind of a child again!

Heather said...

Love this post... I was sharing this with Chris and a couple of days later we were talking about a Winnie the Pooh clip that we always skip over because we think it could be scary for Katie. However, we missed our cue this day and then she wanted to watch it again. We thought she doesn't even know what scary is... Imagine a world without scary or ugly, know that is Heaven.

Heather said...

PS - Janie has GREAT pigtails and the red bows just pop out in her hair, very cute!